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Bert was lonely.
Bert replicated.

Children of Bert is
  • a 1369 piece 1/1 collection featuring the first six generations of Bert's extended replicant family
  • an exploration of genealogy and replicative drift | each CoB is an approximate replication of their Parent, beginning with Bert
  • a living narrative on a post-apocalyptic alien world, inspired by classic and contemporary sci-fi
  • a creative collaboration with AI incorporating art, music and storytelling
story of bert abridged v4
CoB Genealogy

All Children of Bert are related and genealogy is traceable via metadata

funch family tree black v2-1
Replicative Drift

Each CoB resembles their parent and siblings while drifting further and further from original Bert


An example of CoB replicative drift, following one family tree branch from generation 0 (Bert), through generation 6 (Dewi) ->


And a short 15 second video below showing replicative drift in action through the four quadrants of CoB genealogy 

Bert begat edwun v4
CoB Rarity

All Children of Bert are 1/1

Rarity is determined by a CoB's generation [I-VI], and various attributes/traits [Dominant DNA, Mentality, Primary Mutation, Face Ambiguity, manifestation level of The Blue, and Background Type]. Examples of different CoB attributes will be shared in Discord and on Twitter.

The genesis collection consists of Bert (Gen 0) + 4 First Gen + 4 Second Gen + 16 Third Gen + 64 Fourth Gen + 256 Fifth Gen + 1024 Sixth Gen = 1369 total Genesis Children of Bert

All CoB have unique names befitting their unique personalities

IMPETUS & Roadmap


Children of Bert is an ongoing creative collaboration with AI. The Children of Bert universe will expand in unforeseen ways as AI develops into an increasingly capable creative partner

Developing the Children of Bert universe after genesis mint:

  • Children of Bert: Generation 7 [a 4096 CoB collection, descendants of the genesis collection's 6th generation]
  • Mountains of content. Some better, some worse

Children of Bert is a passion project from an anonymous developer with professional experience in online media and independent publishing